One More Day in LA

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be home in Pennsylvania, but until then, I have 12 hours before I leave for the airport and I plan to make them rock!

I’m meeting a friend for lunch in Beverly Hills. I’ve nothing to wear so I’ll hit the mall before I go.

I predict a bonified (not water-weight) gain this week of at least one pound. While I haven’t eaten badly, I haven’t had regular exercise and my body feels “off.” I can’t wait to hit the gym on Wednesday. I’ll step on the scale Friday for my “official” weigh and see what the affects were from this vacation.

I had steamed broccoli, brown rice and oyster sauce on the side at the Thai restaurant Friday. I also had a part of a spring roll with a light sauce. It was very yummy, filling, healthy, all that jazz. On Saturday, after visiting the beach and checking out surfer dudes in wet suits, we ate at Real Food Daily, an absolutely fabulous vegan restaurant. I had a salad with balsamic dressing, steamed veggies, millet and quinoa, and seitan or “wheat meat.” I bought their cookbook so I can make some of their items at home. It was very good and I’m excited to begin my change in diet to vegan.

It took almost a year to wean myself from poultry and fish (I haven’t eaten beef in 21 years), so I’m giving myself a year to go completely vegan, if that is indeed what feels right as this process unfolds. I want to learn to prepare vegan meals and make my own “cheese” (either soy based or nut based) since store-bought soy cheese tends to have way too much sodium for me. I’ve also not cooked with tempeh before and I need to get used working with that as well. So much to learn! I’m very excited about it.

Food should be fun, not feared. I know several people who challenge themselves to trying a new recipe every week. I like that idea. It’s so easy to get stuck in food ruts. I do that all the time and have to remind myself to shake things up every once in awhile.

I really like this photo of my nephew and me sitting in the sun overlooking the amphitheater at the Getty Villa. FYI, that’s HIS mocha latte sitting between us, not mine. I had plain coffee! LOL

Hope this finds you all eating well and being good to your bodies. I’ll post again when I get home.

One thought on “One More Day in LA

  1. Would you like my recipe for stuffed shells? (it’s vegan because I can’t handle dairy) It is a hit with my family (and my best friend’s family).I still eat fish on occasion, but for the most part cook vegan. If you want to make your own soy/nut cheese you may want to try the “Uncheese” book.Great pic of you and your nephew!

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