Eating on the Road

Good morning from LA! My daughter and I arrived yesterday for a quick 4-day visit with friends and family. If you want to, you can read more about the non-food part of the trip on my writing blog:

My stomach was NOT happy yesterday, particularly with the three-hour time difference. I bought some fruit and a breadstick (it was the only carb I could find at the airport that wasn’t sugar- or fat-laden) and ate them on the plane to Cincinnati. On the long flight to LA, I had two little sugar cookies (you know those “complimentary” snacks they give you on planes?), a few animal crackers (I was very proud of myself for only stealing a couple from my daughter’s bag), a few peanuts, and a bowl of Kashi with some strawberries and 2 percent milk (gag).

We landed and were on the road to my sister’s house by 1:30 local time, but my body was feeling like 4:30 and I was hungry. When we got to my sisters, I made a salad with her leftover, bottom of the bag lettuce and a shriveled up tomato, and ate a piece of bread with apricot marmalade (it was all she had in the fridge!). We later went shopping at Trader Joe’s and I bought a bunch of good stuff that will last me the rest of the trip: asparagus, good salad stuff, and of course, my favorite of all decadent carbs: Trader Joe’s corn tortilla flat breads.

I’m trying to stretch out these extra three hours. I woke up at 5 a.m. local time and my body thought it was 8. I had some grapes and tea. Lunch will be noon local time, 3 body time, so I’ll probably have some of those corn tortillas on the road to Hollywood this morning. Emily (my sister) wants to eat at a Thai restaurant. This will be a first for me. I wish I’d had a chance to ask you all what I should eat! LOL

Eating on the road is tricky. I’d love to hear how you maneuver it.

2 thoughts on “Eating on the Road

  1. I pre-plan my restaurant choices when I have will-power and a full belly. I always work in a little treat (like splitting a dessert) so I’m not cranky afterwards ’cause I had to watch someone else enjoy it. I also enlist others to take an after-meal stroll to help my metabolism.Failure to plan means I’m planning to fail!

  2. I just came back from taking my daughter and her friend to Charleston, SC for a few days. I took them to a restaurant each night for dinner. I went online and looked up either the restaurant itself or the kind of food. Charleston is famous for it’s She Crab Soup and I really wanted to have it. So I looked it up online and saw that it could have anywhere from 300-500 calories per cup! So I had that and a large garden salad, no cheese or crouton and I brought my favorite dressing. When I got back home yesterday I had lost 4.5 pounds! I also walked on the beach every day for 20-30 minutes. I hope this helps you a little. Have a GREAT time in California. Thanks for all the writing you do. I love to read what you write. Doloresakalaura

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