A Happy Bruce Dream

Last month, after I wrote “An Earlier Than Usual Bruce Dream,” I decided I wasn’t going to write about Bruce in March because I feel I said everything I had to say last year. But last night I had another Bruce dream, only I was able to consciously change the usual ending of me not being able to get to him and I thought I’d write about it to see if anyone else has ever consciously changed their dreams while sleeping.

Here’s the scene: I can’t get in touch with Bruce even though I just discovered he was alive. In my dream I knew what was happening and so I forced myself to change the outcome. I knew he was in the kitchen taking something out of the oven. Usually, in previous Bruce dreams, something would hold me back from getting into the place he was, but I consciously told myself to go into the kitchen and I did! I jumped on his back (like I used to when he was alive) and hugged him and kissed him and told him how much I missed him and he laughed and hugged me back. I woke up feeling really good instead of sad and drained.

I changed my dream. How cool is that?

Bruce would have been 49 years old today. Happy birthday, babe.

He’s been gone for 25 years now, but our daughter has been alive for 25 years. Ah, the irony. Here she is with her birthday crepe. I hope her wish comes true.


4 thoughts on “A Happy Bruce Dream

  1. Happy Birthday to Bruce, I am sure that this is a difficult day for you. I’m glad that you had a good Bruce dream and were able to wake up happy instead of sad and drained. I’ve been able to tweak some of my recurring dreams which seems to give some peace.
    (Happy Birthday to your daughter too)

  2. I’m so glad you had a good Bruce dream – and that you were able to direct the action to an extent. I’ve experienced that on occasion, although I can’t remember specifics right now. I’ve heard there are techniques to have “lucid” dreams but haven’t consciously tried them. It’s such an interesting concept.
    Anyway, I’m happy that the rest of March will pass a little easier for you because of this dream.

  3. Hi Lynn!
    I was just reading about Bruce and I really got emotional. I lost my brother …it will be 5 years ago this coming Aug. 4th. Not one day has gone by that I don’t think of him. He was my hero. I’ve cried a lot, but I’ve also laughed, too. He was such a fun loving guy. You’re right, the hurt doesn’t ever go away. I think we just deal with it better over time…maybe. Isn’t it weird how people treat you when something tragic happens. My very best friend in the whole world didn’t even show up to my brother’s visitation or funeral because the line was too long. We’ve spoken a hand full of times since then. I lost so much feeling for her because of that. Folks that I didn’t know and were not close to were more caring than my “best” friend. Funny how you realize who your true friends are when life deals you some bad cards. The gal my brother was married to ended up being a real doozy, too. God, I cannot get over how people change because of plain and simple GREED. I was brought up to be respectful and to reach out to others in times of need. It would be nice if everyone was taught to do the same. It was hard to speak of my brother at first. I haven’t had many dreams of him. I don’t feel close to him when I visit his grave. I try to not forget the sound of his voice. ….It’s hard. I do feel that he’s in my heart. I know he’s in heaven. I speak of him every chance I get…even though other people might be uncomfortable or not know what to say. He is, was and always will be my brother and I have a right to still speak of him. September 18th will be his 47th birthday. That day will be hard. August 4th will be the 5 yr. anniversary of his death. That day will be hard, too. I’m sure 20 years from now, I’ll be doing the same.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I love your writing. I think we all can relate to eachother in some way. Whether it be weight related issues or a loss of someone we love. Thanks you so much!!!

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