Clairesmile1 My granddaughter recently starting smiling (click on the photo to enlarge it); real heartfelt smiles and not those smiles that you swear are smiles until someone comes along and tells you it’s just gas. 

In the paper yesterday was a little story about what your smile says about your personality. It referred to the website where you take a quiz that reveals your smile personality.

Apparently I’m an “Influencer.” Here’s what the Smile People say that means: “You’re spontaneous and live life to the fullest. You’re a leader and want to be noticed and appreciated for your ideas and what you do. You are social and outgoing. You don’t like to waste your time or energy on boring details or the same old routine tasks. You are boisterous, imaginative and playful. You love to share a good story or a bit of humor, and your animated voice and body languate help you communicate well. You tend to ignore the rules since you don’t think they really apply to you. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you can always be counted on to get the party going and the group motoivated. You enjoy a good conversation whether it’s on the phone, over dinner or out socializing. A good day is when you brought out the best in someone else or when someone noticed your talent and work. You are optimistic, charming and a real people person. You want people to like you. You see the ‘big picture’ and can inspire others.”

In other words, I’m self-centered but happily ditzy.

Really, though, that’s a lot of pressure to put on someone just based on their smile. I’m not that social and I really do like boring details and rules. I am not the life of the party and I’m not all that optimistic, either. I admit I want people to like me and to be appreciated. I’m kind of neurotic that way. But as with horoscopes, these types of quizzes have to be general to appeal to the masses.

I want to know what other Smile Personalities are out there. If you take the quiz and get something other than Influencer, let me know what that means and if you think it applies to you.

Added Nov. 25: My friend Val’s Smile Personality is Driver: "Your lifestyle is active, fast paced asnd you’re always on the go. You want to get things done, so you multi task becasue you think whydo one thing when you can do 3 or 4? You enjoy solving problems, meeting challenges and competing. Your communication style is fast, driect and to the point. You make decisions quickly and are impatient with people who waste your time. You tell it like it is. You’re adventureous, bore easily and are willing to take risks. You challenge the status quo and break the rules. You gain energy from being in charge and meeting new goals. You make direct eye contact and shake hands confidently. You set high standards for yourself and for others. You’re the type to get things done." Val says it’s pretty darn close.

Cassidy is an Analyzer: "You are smart, careful and accurate. You are a deep thinker who considers the details before you speak. You catch mistakes that others miss. You have great insights and opinions, but you don’t always get a chance to express them. You like to read books and other activities that make you think. You like to work by yourself and relax at home, because you enjoy solitude. You like to take your time, play by the rules and wish others would do the same. You have a place for everything and that makes your life organized and easy. People may have a hard time reading your body language and knowing what you’re thinking or feeling because you like to keep your emotions to yourself. Others might consider you a serious person, but you do see and create humor in things that others might miss. You want to be right and you value being seen as accurate and logical. You have high standards and others may say you are a perfectionist." Cassidy said sadly, this is quite accurate.

Pam is a Supporter: "You’re warm, friendly and like a relaxed pace. People describe you as loyal, steady and dependable. Your relationships are the most important thing in your life. You are cooperative, a team player and you’ll work to avoid conflict, even making personal sacrifices to do so. You speak slowly and thoughtfully. People say you’re a good listener, though sometime you feel interrupted by others. You don’t rush in, but instead look carefully before taking action. You are helpful, supportive and nurturing of others. You’re the shoulder to cry on and the one who remembers birthdays. A good day for you is when everyone gets along and you have helped others. You prefer working patiently, behind the scenes getting one thing done at a time. You like to know what you are going to do every day." Pam says the same thing as everyone else, that it’s pretty accurate.

On to a completely different subject – new blog finds! I’m adding the following blog links to my blog roll: and

Car On The Hill is a blog written by Frances Kuffel. Here’s how she describes herself and her blog: “I’m a writer & walker of Labrador retrievers, the author of “Passing for Thin: Losing Half My Weight and Finding My Self” (Broadway Books, 2004). I’m currently working on a sequel, "Just This Once," about weight relapse. I’m in particular need of stories from women who have regained & relost a significant amount of weight, and women who have had lap banding or bypass surgery.” Her blog covers many weight-related random thoughts. Good stuff. is written by Wendy McClure and this is her bio on her blog: “I’m 35 years old and I live in Chicago, where I work as an editor and a writer. I started this site in November of 2000 to write about body image, weight issues, and diet culture because I thought there was a lot more to say about this kind of stuff besides what you might read…I have a another site called Candyboots, which I built in April 2003 as a home for my stupidly popular collection of Weight Watchers 1974 Recipe Cards. I write the pop culture column for BUST magazine. In the spring of 2005 I published my first book, I’m Not the New Me.” Her entries and links are sometimes hysterical, always interesting.

I love good random writing about weight issues. I’ve spent nearly three years being so freaking anal about food and my weight. I need to lighten up (pardon the pun) and learn to laugh a little about it all because I don’t know all the answers and that’s OK.

4 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. I meant “too” as in, like Pam (who I don’t know, but I’m quite sure I’d like very much).
    I am not an influencer like all of you. I am like a fine bra – a supporter.

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