Today is G-Baby’s Birthday!!

I’m blogging this morning from the hospital in Pittsburgh where Cassie is laying in a bed a few feet away from me, happy from an epidural. Nothing like wireless in the room so I can write this. I’m so excited I’m ready to explode.

I got the warning call at 10:30 last night. Cassie’s water broke. She’d call me from the hospital. I went back to sleep wondering what I should wear. The phone rang at 12:30. “It’s baby time!” she said. I packed a bag, called Carlene, and got in the old Jeep and drove 68 minutes to Carlene’s apartment. There were no cars on the road and I made great time, despite the rain.

I’m tired. Carlene and I shared the couch in the room while Matt tried to sleep in the chair. We all drifted a little, but mostly we laid awake and quiet, listening to the baby’s heartbeat on the monitor.

Matt just called Cassie a “little talk machine.” Her student nurse was just in and they were chatting like they were old friends. I love that kid.

There are nurses everywhere in here now and Cassie wants to watch “Saved By the Bell.” I love watching Matt love Cassie.

I’ll write more later.

Here are a few photos.

Img_2367 Img_2370  Img_2373

5 thoughts on “Today is G-Baby’s Birthday!!

  1. Hey all!
    I know what sex, name, weight and time!
    But it’s Lynn’s blog so I won’t steal her thunder. BUT….
    I will say everyone is in fine health — including baby.

  2. We are so THRILLED to be Great Aunt and Great Uncle to such a precious little girl. As always we are just as thrilled to be Aunt and Uncle to Cassie too!
    Congrats G’ma Lynn! Love ya,

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