I’ve never been a big fan of Saturday nights. Once in awhile something planned happens, but even then it’s an odd night. Nothing’s on TV, going out means fighting crowds, I’m tired from the week and want to relax, but it takes effort to figure out that to do in the hours before bedtime.

Saturday is a blip in the week. Every other night has a positive “feel,” something that keeps me in rhythm. Then Saturday comes around and fucks it all up.

Saturday days are good for getting things done, but Saturday nights leave me a little lost. On other nights I plan the next day, but what’s there to plan for Sunday? Not much usually.

So this blog is following me around on this Saturday night, September 22, 2007.

I was at the Renaissance Festival in Pittsburgh for most of the day. It wasn’t as good as it usually is, but the glass artisans had beautiful work for sale, the Washing Well Wenches were hilarious, and I got to spend five hours with my kids. All in all not a bad day.

Tonight, though, is an effort. I did a crossword puzzle, tried to concentrate on my column that’s due Monday, but nothing kept me interested.

Here I am, bored.  I lit a few candles, so now what? Ah, a concert DVD. The Moody Blues (Le Moody Blues) Live in Paris, 1970.

This has potential.

The audience is sitting around on cushions, smoking, drinking, talking, like the band is performing in their living room. The hair is long, the pants are flared. The guys in the band are young and their voices sound like they walked out of the studio. Larry and I have seen The Moody Blues several times in 10 years, and while they still sound good, they don’t still have their 20-something voices. I don’t expect them to. But I’m so glad we have DVDs (and YouTube) to show us when they did.

The camera angles focus a lot on the band member’s backsides, but this is not a complaint. I like this version of “Are You Sitting Comfortably.” (Most of the video links are from the DVD I’m watching tonight, so it’s like a cyber-version way of sharing my evening with you.) Justin is smoking something….hmmmm…. Here’s “Nights in White Satin” as I saw it tonight. Click on the link and tell me if Justin’s smokin’ a J just before he starts singing. If ever a song was written for marijuana and making out, “Nights in White Satin” is it. 

The band is having fun. They screw up sometimes, but they laugh and look at each other like the friends they are. You know the looks I’m talking about. The ones where you look a little longer into your friend’s eyes and smile, ignoring the people around you. No words exchanged. The conversation plays out in the space between your eyes and your friend’s.

They’re so young. This gig was played 37 years ago. I was 7 years old. My mother was listening to Neil Diamond and Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdinck, so, therefore was I. My older brother and sister were listening to the Beatles and Fifth Dimension. I wish one of them had discovered The Moody Blues.

Larry and I analyze the social implications of “Lazy Day,” drink some wine, I admire Justin’s ass again, John’s, too. This Saturday night is looking up.

Mmmmmm…..Candle of Life is a great song, too.

I like this version of “Tuesday Afternoon.” I like the way Justin sings the words “here” and “near.” Imagine a British accent: “The trees are drawing me nee-ah. I’ve got to find out why. Those gentle voices I hee-ah, explain it all with a sigh…”

Alas, Larry is going to bed. I’m not tired yet, so the evening will end as it began, empty and odd and with the same old Saturday night flavor. Whatever. There’s a book upstairs that will put me to sleep. Thanks for sharing my night with me, and I do hope your Saturday nights are less disconnected than mine.

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