Let the Road Trip Begin

My mother always told me never to wear clothes I plan to take on vacation the day before I leave because you don’t want to risk getting them dirty. Since I’m taking most of my wardrobe with me on this trip, I dug out a pair of blue knit shorts and an old t-shirt that reads “Love is a Dirty Word.” I even have on a pair of seldom-worn pink polka-dot underwear.

Saving cream, razor, bar soap, body roller (gotta work out that sciatica along the way), Tempur-Pedic seat cushion, measuring spoons…

If I could pack one of my dogs I would, probably Mathilda, only she gets car sick . I’ve been eating up the leftovers and not replacing the cheese, sour cream, milk and other food staples, totally forgetting that my husband will still need to eat this week. Oops. He’s quite capable of grocery shopping and cooking for himself, but I really should leave him a few eggs and some orange juice for the morning.

Pillows, iPod, cell phone, cell phone charger, camera, camera charger, jacket…

I’ll pack the cooler tomorrow morning, throw in a bottle of wine of course, and then pack the entire car. I don’t have the spatial genius of my dad or older brother, but I’m pretty good at utilizing space. And if it doesn’t want to fit, I’ll make it fit.

Gift bags, gym bag, work bag, drugs, journal, crossword puzzles, eye drops…

I made sure everyone and their brother has my cell phone number and I spent the better part of an hour yesterday plugging in the cell and home numbers of all the people and places I’ll be these next 10 days. I wasn’t a secretary for 10 years for nothing, you know. Organized is my middle name.

Watch, clock, favorite blanket, case of water, Sirius radio, Tic Tacs and Altoids…

I have a column due in a few days, and at some point next week I have to conduct a few interviews for a few articles due next month, so my laptop is charged and ready to go. Just a few short years ago, I’d never dream of bringing a computer along on a trip, now it’s a given. Just as parents buy portable DVD players to entertain their children on long trips, I’m addicted to the electronic connection. Which reminds me, I need to go to the library and check out some books on CD.

Photo albums, AA batteries, glasses, backup glasses, hair dryer, backup hair dryer…

The weather this time of year in Minnesota is so iffy. Do I bring along a bathing suit? Parka? Mukluks? I guess there is that little Mall of America out there. I’m sure I could find something there to buy if the weather turns and I’m not prepared. Of course if I went to the Mall of America I would have to go on the Mystery Mine Ride. And the log ride. ….sigh…I love Camp Snoopy, I can’t lie.

Hubby vacuumed the car, gassed up the car, cleaned the pup-kiss off the windows…

I think I’m set. If I’ve forgotten anything, I probably don’t need it. And so, my friends, I bid you adieu. I will stay in touch from the road. Just as I was “blogging in Memphis” last November, I shall attempt to blog in Chicago and Jasper and Minneapolis and Breezy Point, complete with photos, of course.

Let the road trip begin.

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