Here’s What You Do….

If you’re in pain and the whole world feels sucky, grab an apple and go sit in the sunshine. Why? Because an apple still tastes good, birds and tree frogs still sing, daisies still bloom red and purple and yellow, the sun still warms your skin and sinks deep into your joints, the breeze still moves your hair into and out of your eyes in erratic rhythm, and the dog laying at your feet still waits patiently for you to be done eating that apple so he can have the core, even if you’re in pain.

Just make sure it’s a good apple, firm and crisp and brightly colored. Time’s too precious to waste on a mushy one.

Never settle for bad apples. Or wilting lettuce. Because sometimes sorting through pain is like picking a piece of eggshell out of a bowl of egg whites. It’s frustrating, and the little sliver slips through your fingers the first and second and third time you try to get it out, and you’re left with sticky fingers and swear words on the tip of your tongue. But in the end, good apples and green lettuce can be your reward.

That’s how today was – a mixture of pain and pain-relieving joy. It’s just that getting to the joy was like the eggshell in egg whites. So I sat in the sun for awhile. It seemed to help. 

One thought on “Here’s What You Do….

  1. I definitely need to go sit in the sun today. That kind of joy sounds good after dealing with the eggshells in my life. 🙂

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