I Sometimes Forget I’m the Zen Bag Lady

Once a month I get a reminder about why meditation is an important part of my life. I subscribe to the electronic newsletter from Tricycle, a Buddhist meditation site. Before you start thinking I’m some Zen nut job, or that the good folks at Tricycle are disconnected to the real world and walk around with their hands folded and muttering “Ohm,” consider the article featured in this month’s newsletter written by a woman who made a commitment to meditate for 100 days straight.

I thought I was a failure for some days not remembering or some days remembering but not wanting to meditate. I love this piece because it reminded me that life keeps going and happening and unfolding and hurting and loving whether I meditate or not, but the focus and attention paid to committing to something and sticking to it, especially something like meditation, really helps bring life to a clearer focus, makes meaning of some of the things I don’t get, and just helps me let the things I’ll never understand to just be that way: nonunderstandable.

Also in this month’s newsletter is a blurb on the Online Prison Project:

Ways to help:
1) Online Prison Project: Tricycle has been extremely honored to receive a challenge grant to fully fund our Online Prison Project, which provides meditation kits to prisoners across the country free of charge. We have been challenged to raise $30,000 for this groundbreaking program; every donation dedicated to the Prison Project will be matched dollar for dollar, and will go directly to help prisoners find peace even while incarcerated.
We’re happy to report that over the last month, over $11,000 has been pledged to match that grant, and we are almost halfway to our goal. Please consider giving today to help spread the dharma to those who need it most.

Donate Online
You may also donate by check—payable to the Tricycle Foundation. Donations are tax deductible, and very appreciated!
Please send checks to:
The Tricycle Foundation, 92 Vandam Street, New York NY 10013

Like the dog training projects in some prisons around the country that I believe help in the rehabilitation of inmates (click here for information on the Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program and here for a Prison PUPS program), Tricycle’s Prison Project is a tool in helping inmates reform from the inside out. Peace and change, as Tricycle believes, is possible. Meditation helps make that possible. Not only for inmates, but for anyone.

Get on a mat. Shut your eyes. Now breathe. It’s that easy.

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