A Couple of Perfect Moments

I don’t want to spend the next five months being politically correct, so I’m using the pronoun “he” when I refer to my in utero grandbaby. While a “her” is a very good thing, too (emphasis on “very”), this experience just feels like a “he.” I can’t explain it any better than that.

I went to Pittsburgh on Tuesday so I could go to my daughter’s obstetrician appointment on Wednesday morning to hear Grandbaby’s heartbeat. I was thrilled that she’d asked me to go and I couldn’t wait. But I got a nice little surprise preview of what my little big-as-a-fist grandbaby is all about when he gave Granny Lynn a kick on Tuesday evening.

I was getting something out of my daughter’s refrigerator (probably a glass of wine or a Hershey Kiss or both) when Cassie exclaimed, “Ooooo!” Her eyes got big and she laughed and put her hand on her lower right abdomen. “Baby just kicked and I SAW it! Here, Mom, feel this!” I put my hand on the spot he’d kicked Cass and I’m pretty sure we both held our breath. A few seconds later – pop! Grandbaby landed a punch dead center on my palm. He obviously has developed my pitching and outfield skills J. I’m so proud.

Wednesday morning we went to see her doctor – a woman who immediately brings calm to the room, like it follows her around all day, a peaceful assuredness. She took out the doppler and placed it on Cassie’s belly. Within seconds, Grandbaby’s heart was whispering in the room, like a soft pucker and unpucker, 149 beats per minute. Then there was a moment of static and then the heartbeat again. He moved.

“Did you hear that?” asked the doctor. My daughter was propped up on her elbows, her face in a smile I’d never seen before, one of complete and unadulterated joy.

“Hear it? I FELT it!” she laughed.

You could have told me the world was ending and it couldn’t possibly have wiped the smile off my face. At that one moment, the universe made perfect sense. Me, my daughter, her baby – we were all aligned like the earth and the moon and the sun during an eclipse. I could have listened to his heartbeat all day and watched my daughter’s beautiful hazel brown eyes light up in amazement in response to what’s happening inside her body.

They don’t happen often, these perfect moments. Or maybe they do and we just don’t see them. Grandbaby has me seeing life in a whole new light. What a good kid.

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