My First Ever Guest Blog. And It’s An ‘80s Love Fest!

I’m so excited! The following blog was sent to me by my good friend and editor, Rodney Sherman. I’d invited him to write on my blog whenever the mood struck, and today, apparently, it struck!

Just so we’re clear on this, Rodney says some really nice things about me in this blog so I need to tell you his comments were unsolicited and he received no payment for submitting this piece. And as for the part where he gets on my shit about not having posted a blog in four days? Yeah, he’s real subtle that way.

Let the ‘80s Love Fest begin:

“I met Lynn back in 1991 or ‘92 when we were students at Clarion University. She was a bleeding-heart, pinko liberal Democrat from Minnesota – wherever the heck that is – and I was a die-hard, right-wing Republican who believes Pat Buchanan is a little soft on the issues.

Lynn quickly became and remains one of my absolute best friends in the world. She might know more about me than anyone else (still living) on the planet.

This morning while toiling away in my newspaper office, a local radio station played a little tune – one of those songs that instantly transports you back in time to a particular place or event. Lynn and I are about the same age (she’s older but looks younger), so we share the youthful musical experience of the 1980s.

I was in the middle of an email to Lynn. I wrote: ‘I have two slices of bread here to use for a sandwich at lunchtime. But I won’t be using them. You see, they’ve been up there (on the shelf) for a few days and they’re stale. Not that I couldn’t eat them, they’re not moldy. And the taste would be OK, but not like a nice fresh slice of bread…. Kind of like your blog… Ha!

“Oh man! They’re playing Runaway (The 80s upbeat makes you want to prance around the room version) on the radio!”

Well, the actually name of the tune is “Run Runaway” by Slade. I Googled a couple of lines and got a hit on YouTube for the video. I could have sworn there were dancing midgets in the video, but a quick viewing revealed no midgets. Maybe that’s part of a suppressed memory from my days in the Army.

‘Gotta call Lynn,’ I thought. She answered. I had the computer earphones to the telephone while the song played. ‘Go on, give it a listen. You’ll remember it.’

We laughed and remembered some great times together in our life when we didn’t know each other. Yes, I meant to say together when we didn’t know each other.

Close friends like Lynn and the now corny and terribly dated music of the mid-80s blend together so well. Like I said, I met Lynn in 1991 or ‘92. But it sure seems like it was 1982 or ‘83.”

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