Two in One Day, Lucky You!

    It’s not easy convincing three very large dogs that lightening and thunder won’t reach into our house and snatch them away from my ankles. They’ve got themselves wrapped around my legs like moss on a tree.

    Jake sensed it earlier today. He knew what was coming. He’s smart that way (and only in that way). Western Pennsylvania storms scare me more than Minnesota storms, not because of their ferocity, but because of how sneaky they are. I had no idea we were under a tornado warning this evening until Larry’s secretary called me to ask if we were OK. In Minnesota, the sirens wail and the sky turns black and you can hear the thunder coming miles away. Here, a storm is on top of you like a drunk bar date. And they’re loud, too. It’s all the trees and hills. The noise doesn’t have far to go, and it bounces off everything, shaking my house and scaring my dogs.

    I’m grateful the satellite didn’t go out for long and I was able to watch all of “American Idol.” Except for Jordin, they did a nice job on Bon Jovi night. So, as I listen to “Run To Me” by the Bee Gees on XM 7 and try to get my votes in for American Idol (I think it’s safe to say Chris is going home this week, but the other one I can’t call. Jordin, perhaps?), I wait for yet another storm to abate and the opportunity to peel my dogs off my legs.

    How did you get so lucky to get two blogs in one day? Well, I couldn’t very well go out riding my bike in this rain now, could I?

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