Eye-Watering Music

OK, THIS should be illegal and banned in all 50 states: Celine Dion covers AC/DC “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Click here if you dare: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2019129057.

Thank you to Janet at http://somekindofwonderland.blogspot.com/ for the heads up.

I think I might start a petition. I’m not anti-Celine, but honey, stick with sappy love songs and stay away from dirty nasty sex songs.

This is worse than Faith Hill’s rendition of “Piece of My Heart,” which made my eyes water the first (and only) time I heard it.

I’ve sat through this year’s American Idol not for enjoyment, but for morbid curiosity. The contestants aren’t very good this year. In fact, they’re like a train wreck. At least no one’s done “Over the Rainbow,” the worst song ever written, made even worse when performed by anyone other than Judy Garland. The movie it comes from sucks, too, but I digress.

So far the AI contestants haven’t butchered a good song. They’ve butchered bad songs and they’ve done fairly well on good songs. I say “fairly” well and that’s the best compliment I’ll give them. Where are the goose bumps I got listening to Bo Bice’s “Whipping Post” or Chris Daughtry’s “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)”? Blake and Chris are kind of cute and all, but they’re a little too metro sexual, Ryan-Seacrest-ish for me. No sex appeal at all.

Sanjaya isn’t an evil person, but he can’t sing his way out of a bag. Jordin needs to hone her skills at a few more high school musicals. To me, Gina Glockson is the only chick this season who can rock. I like LaKisha and Melinda and I hope one of them wins, but until they sing something a little more daring, they make me sleepy.

Thank you to those of you who forwarded your favorite good sex music suggestions to me. I appreciate it.

I’m off to listen to some classical guitar music by Christopher Parkening. At least I know he won’t attempt Led Zeppelin or U2. He sticks with what he’s good at.

One thought on “Eye-Watering Music

  1. i DESPISE celine dion. she actually sings the word “lurve” instead of “love”. i’m not even going to click on your link to her song because i know i’ll want to punch my computer screen. and i concur, “somewhere over the rainbow” is one of the worst songs EVER.

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