Speaking of Bungee the Panther Man…

Here are a few photos of Bungee with me and with his best friend, Mathilda.

Bungee1 Bungee2 Img_1868 Img_1869

We had three or some other obnoxious number of inches of snow last night which is NOT the way things ought to be, but it is the way things are.

It is Easter. We’re not "churched," but we are carnivores. I’m not sure how food and resurrection became so intricately intertwined, but one of my favorite Far Side cartoons (one that never made it into the newspapers because it was so "controversial") featured Jesus at a stove cooking bacon and eggs, his casket opened in the background, and the line, "Man, I feel like I’ve been dead for three days." Ah, so funny and so ironic.

I think Jesus was one very groovy prophet.

And with that, I wish you all a happy Easter/spring/ham day.

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