Just Another Day

Things I learned today: Quinoa tastes like fish eggs in my mouth and I don’t like that feeling; our neighbors across the street are inconsiderate bastards; I’m capable of being positive even when an early spring snow is on the way (I hate early spring snow); my siblings are better friends than I realized; mixing mayo and Dijon and tarragon and garlic and onion and lemon juice into a tuna salad works much better if you flake the tuna first.

Nothing profound. Just an ordinary day.

Tomorrow would be my 25th wedding anniversary and I wonder what my kids would have bought us to mark the occasion. I was 13 when my parents celebrated their 25thanniversary and on behalf of my siblings (being the middle kid, I was in charge of all group gifts and get-togethers – still am), I bought our parents a commemorative 25th anniversary interior decorator-type plastic wall hanging from the downtown Rexall Drug. I couldn’t drive and had no other shopping options. At the time it seemed like a good idea.

The Rexall Drug in downtown Jasper was my third favorite store on Main Street . My dad’s grocery store was my favorite, and in second place was the variety store – I can’t think of its name – where I bought apple flavored Bubs Daddy bubble gum, Charleston Chews and massive amounts of Sweet Tarts. My friend Jeanine always bought Mike and Ike’s and Blackjack chewing gum. She never had to worry about sharing her candy with anyone. Yuck! I’d rather chew concrete than eat licorice.

The Rexall Drug Store is where I bought every Trixie Belden mystery series book and the latest Tiger Beat magazine.

My other favorite store on Main was Frackman’s Hardware. I bought my really cool black and white boys hightop tennis shoes there and my first 5-speed bike. Paulie, the owner, also sold me ammo for my .22 and .410 and my dad’s 20-gauge. I don’t know if I was old enough to buy it, but he sold it to me anyway. Keep in mind, this was 30 years before the Patriot Act.

All I know is on this ordinary day, I talked to my stepsons on the phone and told them how totally excited I am to see them on Saturday (they’ll be here for the week and my oldest stepson, Andy, told me TWICE that he loved me – major kudos). I’ll make them Puppy Chow and peanut butter pie, per their request, and take them to Pittsburgh and listen to really good rock ‘n roll in the car because that’s what good stepmothers do.

I wish my stepsons had a Rexall Drug and a variety store and a tennis-shoe-selling hardware store they could visit while they’re here. I will not serve then quinoa, however, and they will make the snow more palatable just by their presence.

Yes, I would have been married 25 years tomorrow. I’m not. But what I have in exchange is pretty damn good.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. 25 YEARS????? Wow…MAN YOUR OLD!!! Just kidding, you look like your 26 with that body, after losing all that weight…

  2. I drove by a REXALL drugstore today down by the beach, and immediately thought of you!!!
    How was today? Are you sad? I hope not!!

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