A Few Pounds More

I’ve lost a lot of weight since January 2005. And I mean A LOT, as in 145 pounds. I’m three pounds from weighing half of what I used to weigh.

It’s hard to comprehend now that I’m a size 10/12 that I used to weigh nearly 300 pounds. I didn’t spend much time at that weight – about 5 years – so like a boyfriend you might have had years ago and you forget after awhile what he was like in bed, I forget what it was like to have a 50-inch waist.

When I look at photos of myself from my heaviest, I’m still in a kind of denial that that was ever really me. I bitch now about my flabby stomach, forgetting that a mere 20 months ago I was wearing a size 30/32. Ah the things we take for granted.

But my flabby tummy is what it is. Lately I’ve been thinking about the general public’s assumption about what "real" stomachs look like, especially those stomachs that have been stretched out due to pregnancy or obesity and have not gone under the knife. The Zelnorm commercial shows perfectly airbrushed stomachs and the Hanes commercial featuring larger women show only curvaceous, smooth bellies that are nothing but lucky.

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